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DLR Big Stock Sealed Bid Tender

Lot 033

Series One

Series One

Hardtop rubber seals top and bottom With the moulding rights.


Minimum Accepted Bid

This sealed bid tender has ended. Thank you for your interest

Series OneSeries OneSeries OneSeries OneSeries One


We had COH Baines make the tooling for 3 seals exclusive to Dunsfold for the Series 1 They are the hardtop and truck cab to side seal 304237, Hardtop and Truck cab lower to body seal 304233 and the 86/88/107/109 windscreen to bulkhead seal with a extra 3mm to cover rust marks this is the seal most seem to have used.  The tender is for the rights to take on the tooling at COH Baines who I have discussed this with and will sign over to the winning bid. As far as I know the hardtop seals are the only ones out there. With the lot will be app. 100 meters of lower seal and 100 meters of the upper one. I have only one bulkhead seal as a pattern. THERE IS ALWAY A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY WHEN ORDERING SO BE WARNED. I THINK ITS 300M. 

Estimated total retail value: £3,100 ex. VAT


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